The UBC Biology Co-op offers a great cross section of students. Be it working in a biotech R&D laboratory or assisting an environmental biologist in restoring a damaged habitat, our students have brought human resources solutions to a wide variety of different organizations across Canada and internationally.

Students are available for their first work term after completing the first half of their third academic year. At that point student will have successfully completed core courses in physiology, cell biology, genetics and microbiology. They will have also begun to specialize in one of or a combination of the following disciplines:

  • Cell biology and genetics
  • Animal biology
  • Plant biology
  • Genetics
  • Ecology and environmental biology
  • Conservation
  • Marine biology

Most students in the program are specializing in cell biology and genetics and environmental biology. Entrance into the program is limited to students who meet specific levels of academic and personal achievement.

Student Availability

Starts In
Level Number of Months Available Academic Year Level
January Juniors 4 or 8 3
May Juniors
4 or 8
September Seniors 4 4

Student Skillsets

  • Reagent and medium preparation
  • Smear preparations, staining techniques
  • Bacterial identification and numeration
  • Plasmid preparation and isolation
  • ELISA, PCR, Gel electrophoresis
  • Viral isolation and enumeration
  • Western blots, Southern transfers and DNA hybridization
  • Species identification using taxonomic keys
  • Quantitative and qualitative sampling techniques
  • Dissection techniques
  • Light and dissecting microscopy
  • Aseptic technique and culture of micro organisms

Hire a Student

Post a job description with the Science Co-op office.