About Us


Co-operative Education was introduced to Canada in 1957 at the University of Waterloo, and has grown steadily since that time. The University of British Columbia began its Co-operative Education programs in 1980. Placements for a typical fiscal year are over 3,000 for all faculties involved. Our program is offered to students within the Faculty of Science and available in over 20+ disciplines. To learn more about the Science Co-op Program, feel free to review our annual report under Publications.


Co-operative education benefits students, employers and educational institutions:

  • Students acquire valuable practical experience and the opportunity to apply academic skills in a variety of employment settings
  • Employers gain access to a dynamic, knowledgeable and enthusiastic work force
  • Educational institutes remain informed of the current trends and demands of the business community

Accreditation of the Co-operative Education Program

The Co-operative Education programs at UBC are accredited by the Association of Co-operative Education (BC/Yukon) and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Training. To obtain accreditation, each program must meet a minimum set of guidelines. For further information, visit the Canadian Association for Cooperative Education (CAFCE) website at www.cafce.ca.