Computer Science and BCS

Computer Science student Cindy Wong at Microsoft Interactive StudiosComputer Science student Cindy Wong at Microsoft Interactive Studios
Choosing the Co-op program will jumpstart your career. You'll explore different companies and try out challenging technical positions. You will have access to relevant and exciting work opportunities at local, national, and international organizations. With the B.Sc. degree majoring in Computer Science, you get a minimum of 16 months of paid work experience, plus build your personal network and gain the professional experience you need to find your niche before graduation; students in B.A. and BCOM programs majoring in Computer Science get 12 months of experience. If you are in the Second Degree program, the Bachelor of Computing Science, your diverse educational background combined with 8 months of Co-op experience makes you a very employable and favorable candidate. Department site:

Work Term Schedule

Schedule A - Spring Application

1Study Term 1Study Term 2 + Apply to Co-op       -
2Study Term 3 Work Term 1Work Term 2
3Study Term 4Study Term 5Work Term 3
4Work Term 4Study Term 6Work Term 5
5Study Term 7Study Term 8       -

Schedule B - Fall Application

1Study Term 1Study Term 2        -
2Study Term 3 + Apply to Co-op Study Term 4        -
3Work Term 1Work Term 2Work Term 3
4Study Term 5Study Term 6Work Term 4
5Study Term 7Study Term 8        -

Schedule for BCS Students- Fall Application

1Study Term 1 + Apply to Co-opStudy Term 2Study Term 3
2Work Term 1Study Term 4Work Term 2
3Study Term 5Study Term 6       -

Schedule for BCOM or BA Students- Fall Application

1Study Term 1Study Term 2        -
2Study Term 3 Study Term 4 + Apply to Co-op        -
3Study Term 5Work Term 1Work Term 2
4Study Term 6Study Term 7Work Term 3
5Study Term 8-        -
The above schedules are highly recommended by the Co-op Program in order for students to complete their program within the shortest time frame. Alternate schedule is available in consultation with your Co-op Coordinator.

Sample Jobs and Companies

Java Developer - AppNeta
  • design and implement components of a distributed application using Java/J2EE
  • ensure high quality of components through good development practices and code reviews
  • UI and/or web interface development using Java Swing/JSP/JavaScript/AJAX
  • database design and programming using JDBC/SQL/Hibernate
Software Developer in Test - SAP
  • a dual-role to work as a software developer and software tester
  • work closely with Program Managers, other developers and testers
  • identify problems at source code level
  • strong programming skills in Java, C#, C++ or .Net
  • understanding of operating systems, databases and web application servers
  • desired skills: design patterns, web application servers configuration, client/server, UNIX/Linux
Open Source Developer - Appnovation
  • develop web properties using PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • develop and theme HTML5-based mobile applications using Sproutcore
  • take part in technical design meetings
  • participate in agile scrum meetings with clients

Application Requirements

  • Have a minimum average of around B-
  • Excluding the current term (at the time of application), you must have a minimum of 30 credits remaining in your degree
  • Be a full time student majoring in CPSC
  • Meet the Communications Requirements before the job search term
  • Have completed CPSC 110 and are in the process of completing CPSC 121 and CPSC 210 (or have completed transfer equivalents); BCS applicants should be in the process of completing CPSC 110
  • Demonstrate good communication skills, and a responsible, mature attitude
  • Demonstrate leadership skills, interest in gaining computer skills outside of class, time management and teamwork skills
  • Be flexible and willing to accept a work placement outside the Vancouver area
  • Computer Science Co-op Program Overview