Work Term Document Requirement


Work Term Document is required for EVERY four months work term.

Work Term Document Deadline:

Download: Student Workterm Checklist

Document Work Term #1 Other Work Terms
1 Work Term Record / Site Visit Info Yes Yes - complete before week 4
2 Learning Objectives & Site Visit Form Yes Yes - complete before your site visit; No - if you won't be visited
3 Student Evaluation Form Yes Yes
4 Employer Evaluation Form Yes Yes
5 Work Term Assignment 1st Work Term Student Assignment (End of Term Reflection) Complete one of the following: Technical Report, Presentation, Progress Report (not applicable to Computer Science students), Poster Presentation

*All forms can be found in Scope.
*Other Assignment Options: Progress Report, Oral Presentation and Poster presentation

Work Term Document Deadlines: First Friday in January (Fall), May (Winter) and September (Summer).

Requirements to Pass a Co-op Work Term

In order for students to receive a passing grade for their Co-op work term, students must:

  • Receive a satisfactory evaluation from their employer and their work term assignment
  • Submit all required Co-op document by the specified deadline

Under the following circumstances, the Co-op office may issue a failing grade to a student:

  • When a student is dismissed with just cause by the employer
  • Student quits the job without permission from their Co-op coordinator and their Co-op employer
  • Received an unsatisfactory evaluation from the employer
  • Received an unsatisfactory grade on their report/assignment and failed to rewrite
  • Did not submit the student evaluation form at the end of each Co-op work term

Supervisor's Access to Online Evaluation Forms

Your direct supervisor should receive a reminder email from the co-op office prior to the end of your work term in order to login to Scope to complete your performance evaluation. If they didn't not receive an email with the instructions, please contact the Co-op Office.