Geographical Sciences

Geographical Sciences focuses on the fundamental concern with the interactions between the Earth's biosphere and its atmosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere. It is broad based undergraduate degree that draws upon courses from Geomorphology, Biogeography, Climatology, Hydrology and GIScience. The program emphasizes the environmental consequences of global change and field-based research, including field trips in nearly all of our upper level courses. You will begin your internship after completing your second academic year. You must complete four work terms in order to receive a co-op designation on your transcript.

Department site:

Work Term Schedule

Year Fall Winter Summer
1 Study Term 1 Study Term 2        -
2 Study Term 3 Study Term 4        -
3 Study Term 5 Work Term 1 Work Term 2
4 Study Term 6 Study Term 7 Work Term 3
5 Work Term 4 Study Term 8        -

The above schedule is highly recommended by the Co-op Program in order for students to complete their program within the shortest time frame. Alternate schedule is available in consultation with your Co-op Coordinator.

Sample Jobs and Companies

FP Innovations
Maxxam Analytics Inc.
UBC Department of Geography

BC Hydro

  • Monitoring Hydrometeorological data and transferring it to other departments after analyzing its quality.
  • Providing statistical analyses for monthly climate reports and hydrology summaries for hydrological forecasting procedures.
  • Monitoring the gauge network to confirm status are operational.

Application Requirements

  • Have a minimum average of around B-
  • Be a full-time UBC (Vancouver) student in good academic standing in mathematics, english and the sciences
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
  • Good communication skills, a responsible, mature attitude
  • Demonstrated leadership, teamwork and time management
  • Demonstrated interest in their chosen field
  • Be flexible and willing to accept a work placement outside the Lower Mainland