Faculty Advisors


UBC Science Co-op

Faculty advisors provide an important link between the student's academic program and their work experience.

In programs where there is a faculty advisor, faculty members usually are involved in some of the following activities:

  1. Meeting with students prior to placement in a work term position to discuss expectations of the position and the relevance of the experience to the student's academic program of study. Students will generally contact the faculty advisor about a pre-employment meeting.
  2. Monitoring students' job progress, evaluating the work term experience and providing technical and professional support throughout the placement.
  3. Visiting the students and their supervisor at the work site, and facilitating discussion of the work environment, student responsibilities and performance.
  4. Negotiating and approving topics for the students' work term report to meet the guidelines of the Co-op program and the needs of the employer.
  5. Evaluating student work term reports. More information about work term reports.

Contact the appropriate Co-op coordinator for more information about your involvement.

Hiring UBC Co-op Students

Faculty members at UBC can post a position to hire a UBC co-op student. Visit the Employers section for more details.

Faculty interested in hiring students from other countries should contact IAESTE Canada, a reciprocal arrangement which allows Canadian students to work overseas.

Web: www.queensu.ca/iaeste